About Us

How a Parent’s Love Led to the Creation of Mother’s Tea

Lauren Clausen

Owner and Founder, Mother’s Tea

Lauren has been drawn to herbs, weeds, and plants in general due to the amazing properties they hold and the natural way they help our bodies heal. It was a few years ago when she started seeing its natural healing properties in a whole new light.

It all began when her son was diagnosed with an umbrella disorder called Dysautonomia, which directly affected all of his body’s automatic functions (ANS). After years of tests, almost monthly ambulatory machines, and still getting nowhere, they finally got a diagnosis when Aiden turned 10 years old. They had hope, feeling that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

When they got the diagnosis, there were several things that went through her head, including: “We know what this is, the tests will stop,” “We can fix this now,” “My son will have his childhood back.” All of these flooded in her head as they initially met with the doctors and got the diagnosis in black and white.

Randomly, the doctors said, “Beware of holistic gurus; they prey on desperate families like you.” Lauren dismissed it as she always went to “normal doctors” and had no idea how desperate she would become.

A few months had passed and her son underwent yet another long series of tests. Although they saw over eight doctors and specialists, her son experienced even worse episodes. They even had a neurologist who didn’t understand the nervous system and prescribed Aiden a blood pressure medication that almost killed him because of his high and low spikes. Lauren found that now even more, she had to carefully manage her son’s medical care.

They were even told they needed to go to Texas for a few tests and a week of rehab. They had to pay a deposit of $5,000, which didn’t include imaging or travel or blood tests – all out of pocket and not covered by insurance.

Eventually, Aiden lost two full years of school and Lauren had to quit her job because her son had to go back and forth to hospitals. At the time, Aiden wouldn’t even leave the car to go into a store. He was so depressed and was losing his spirit. It was the most heartbreaking thing a mother could ever see.

Lauren was as desperate as any parent who saw their son suffering. She would have tried anything—even feed him dead insects if someone told her it would help. Eventually, after doing her research, she tried those “holistic gurus” who “prey on parents like her”, to quote the doctor.

She learned a lot more about plants, how the body works, and how the plants heal and balance the body. To further her knowledge, she went to school to become a licensed massage therapist. There, she started her journey to a balanced, happy, organic life!

Lauren fell in love with plants and continues to learn about them every day. Now, she tries to educate and promote natural healing in the best way she can. Her specially made teas are her babies—she puts a lot of love and passion into every bag of herbs.

As for Aiden, he has not spent a single night at hospitals in over two years, thanks to bodyworks, salt rooms, plant medicines, and an organic diet.