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It is no wonder India has such high respect for this plant as to call refer to it and treat this herb so sacred ?️. Even the SOIL it grows in? is considered to be sacred. Not kidding and with every right in my opinion.

There have been so many studies proving its ability to improve daily ailments such as : stress digestive health, liver health, cancer,?? ulcers, kidney stones, inflammation, respiratory disorders like asthma, eye disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety?, the list goes on my friends. This is truly an amazing plant no doubt there.

My focus today is going to be on diabetes. As reflected in a study conducted by Nottingham University, the researchers involved 60 people with type-2 who also continued their usual medication throughout this trial. The people taking 250mg capsules of holy basil per day for 90 days saw Significant greater improvements in glucose control. Spikes in blood glucose levels after eating also improved significantly. Tulsi leaves are said to have hypoglycemic properties, which lower blood sugar levels and help prevent complications of diabetes.