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Fenugreek? is what I consider a Yin ☯️ herb even its smell and taste almost of a maple syrup.? Definitely has that female energy ? and helps with quite few of the roughest times of being female (including that monthly visiter, and well into after she stops visiting). It contains estrogenic saponins and are chemically?? very similar to estrogens…It is primarily made up of diosgenin which is being used in pharmaceutical labs?‍??‍? to synthesize estrogen…Yep – no joke! Fenugreek is known to help with menopause on so many fronts such as vaginal dryness, hormone balance, libido, just to name a few and as a contraceptive… This has been used for hundreds of years to help with menstrual pain. Fenugreek also promotes lactation ? and is great for a nursing mother ?. After puberty if you are having a female issue this is definitely a great herb to have on stand by. We love this Herb and will fill you in throughout the week about how amazing it really truly is. Hope you are falling in love with our herb of the week as much as we have…?