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Marshmallow Root has been used for CENTURIES to treat infections, improve digestion and so so SOOOO much more! ???
Today we will touch on the cough and cold!?? I am sure all of you have had a marshmallow whether covered in chocolate ?or squished between two gram crackers??…yumm! And to treat sore throats during the civil war they made these sweet candies with extracted marshmallow root and egg and sugar and they would be left to harden and then given as medicine?‍⚕️?‍⚕️?…Now we use gelatin now and there are no health benefits to the candy on the shelves of your favorite candy isle but there are some major ones for the root its self.???

Whether you are drinking this as a tea?☕️ or taking this as a supplement ? it is great herb to have on stand by, come cold season or cough season?? I should say.

That cold air and dry hot cough that just burns to breathe, when your mouth and throat are all dried out… this should be your go to…Marshmallow Root as a tea can help reduce pain, and swelling of your throat and lymph nodes and even relieve congestion. ????

Its antitussive properties and mucilage abilities reduce irritation of the throat and not only that, they help you develop more saliva to reduce the dry mouth AND throat! In return this stops that dry cough right in its tracks and it helps reduce healing and recovery time siginficantly NATURALLY! ???So next time you have a cold reach for your marshmellow root! This herb is the base of our ??Butterfly’s Breezes? because it help with so many important functions in the ANS and keeps our automatic functions and system healthy and at optimal function. ☀️?☀️??