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I know most of the hype around this plant is around its ability to help a sore or dry throat and cough, we will get more into why that is later in the week. This magnificent root and why I call it “pepto on steroids” is because it helps with both diarrhea and constipation, it also carries benefits for every inch of your digestive tract mouth to (you know where) It with holds all the battles and medicine with stands all the acids and enzymes along the way. It takes down inflammation in the stomach lining, it can rid ulcers from the stomach AND intestines, and so much more like inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome and even autoimmune disorders. Marshmallow Root also helps with bloating and water retention. This root helps the body heal these conditions naturally instead of masking the pain which is what many over the counter medications and even scripts do. (Zofran anyone?) This is amazing in teas and is actually the base of our butterfly breeze for many reasons and we will show you all of them this week.